I definitely fell in love with her as a friend, for sure.”

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth inside the world premiere of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire in London



When tree branches get in my way

Vine by: Logan Paul

How we manage to cram such genius in 6 seconds is beyond me. This is art.


F i r e beats roses.

“My nightmares are usually about losing you”

"You’re still trying to protect me. Real or not real," he whispers. "Real," I answer. "Because that’s what you and I do, protect each other.”

another meme i won’t finish ● {5/20} movies - Catching Fire

➝ Panem today. Panem tomorrow. Panem forever.

Pain stabs through me as everything I am made of collapses, my entire world dismantled in a moment. The pavement scrapes my knees. If I lie down now, this can all be done. Maybe Eric was right, and choosing death is like exploring an unknown, uncertain place.

list of movies: The hunger games (2012)
" From the Treaty of the treason: In penance for their uprising each distric shall offer up a male and female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public "Reaping." These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of The Capitol, and then transferred to a public arena where they will fight to the death, until a lone victor remains. Henceforth and forevermore this pageant shall be known as The Hunger Games "